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There are two acrobats. One holds the other above his head in a handstand. The background is turquoise blue.

Hands Down Circus aspires to create and collaborate original circus theatre in the UK and internationally using a unique blend of partner acrobatics and prop manipulation.

Formed in 2018, Hands Down Circus, began a journey with a commitment to creating unique circus performances across the UK, Ireland, and beyond. This has seen us collaborate and perform alongside exciting companies and large scale events such as The Roundhouse, Glastonbury Festival, FiraTàrrega, Compagnie XY, and Applause Rural Touring.

We pride ourselves in creating unique physical performances with a focus on high level acrobatics, object manipulation and physical theatre. All of our shows come with the same promise of charm and lightheartedness, perfect for indoors, outdoors and your local family festival! 

Check out our shows and acts here!

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