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T A P E    T H A T!

Tape That is a 30-minute family friendly, charming, light-hearted acrobatic duet.


Two performers construct a visual world using colourful tape, object manipulation and partner acrobatics. A simple roll of tape transforms from DJ decks to a spyglass, and is stretched to create physical barriers and obstacles for the performers to navigate.

Tape That is a playful exploration of the world we live in; when challenges present themselves, just how many problems can be fixed with a few rolls of duct tape?


Tape That was commissioned by Applause Rural Touring and The Roundhouse, in partnership with FiraTàrrega’s Support for Creation programme. Also supported by Arts Council England.

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What people have said...

Hands Down Circus’ show Tape That! was a massive hit at Surge Festival 2022 in Glasgow. Appealing to a wide audience, highly amusing and well crafted, the two performers bring to the streets a very slick show that is instantly engaging. Carys and Graham were an absolute joy to work with and we’d recommend their show to any festival looking for a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Ruth Siller, Project manager at Surge Festival

Such an enjoyable and varied performance. 7 year old said one of the coolest things he ever saw! A great combination of skill and humour. Thanks!

Audience member, young at art festival

Absolutely brilliant. 

Really good.

So cool. 

Best show of the festival so far!

& nice tape!!

Audience member, young at art festival

The audience, young and old, were entranced by their skills, and the play between the characters they portrayed. A beautiful show, full of heart.

Cormac Mohally, Circus Factory and Pitch'd Festival Artistic Director
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